Our Favorites  Candles


Cinnamon And Orange


“This candle with the aroma of Cinnamon & Orange perfumes any space, creating a refined and delicate atmosphere. The components of this scented candle are carefully selected to obtain the best quality of burning and diffusion, providing a unique sensory experience.´´

— Mia Candles


Sandalwood and Amber


Sandalwood and amber is a perfect combination  to create a rich sensual fragrance  that fill your senses and home, provides perfect ambience for relaxing time.

— Mia Candles

Ylan Ylang and Amber

“Spicy Oriental fragrance combine with amber  to give the sweet touch converting this aroma into an exotic essence.”

— Mia Candles


Tob, Leather And Cog

“Leather is the perfect combination that bring the vibes of autumn. This exquisite and sophisticated fragrance brings to your home that feeling of romance that we find in autumn, but this candle can bring this sensation to any day of the year.

— Mia Candles

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