A story of freshness

Soap Maker at Her Shop

Mia candles came into our lives in the midst of the difficulty that the pandemic has created, this situation aroused our interest in creating welcoming environments during the confinement, thus making the time we spend at home more bearable. Why Candles? One of the most important reasons that gave birth to the love for candles is the atmosphere they create in your home. the simplicity of lighting a candle, and lighting our favourite space, especially during winter when darkness surrounds us most of the time, this small light makes it a cosy place, envelops you in aromas that make you enjoy being at home.


As Mia Candles is a small company, each of our clients has a private and special treatment, we specialize in listening and improving each of the suggestions we receive. It is a great honour to have you on our list.


Welcome to Team Mia Candles.