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The simplicity of lighting a candle, and filling our favorite spaces with light, well-being and harmony.

The pleasure of feeling good

Ramificación del eucalipto

We believe in the magic of nature, our greatest inspiration, that provides us all the benefits for our well-being, this is how we are motivate day by day to build a better environment for our families and friends, and for our environment.


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​Inspired by the power of nature, and all the benefits we receive from it, we decided to create mia candles, made with 100% natural ingredients, in search of contributing to the environment and at the same time building spaces of light, well-being and harmony, thus making the time we spend at home more pleasant and cosy.

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Each of our clients has a special treatment, we are good listening and improving each of the suggestions we receive.


It is a great honour to have you on our home.​


          Welcome toMia Candles experience.

Our Candles

A candle, your best choice of the day


Cinnamon & Orange 

It's one of the coziests scents as a sweet - smelling spice

Sandalwood & Amber 

A warm woodsy fragrance with notes of Amber, enchanting with an evocative  and surprising exuberance

Tabacco, Leather & Cognag

A sophisticated spicy scent, notes of wood, vintage leather and fine cognac

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